Volunteers & Why They Really Matter


We’ve all seen the ads and heard the radio announcements: volunteers wanted, call for more information! Sometimes it’s on commercial break, or tacked up on the poster board of your local super market, or in the back half of a magazine. Sometimes it’s just word of mouth, reaching you through a friend of a friend.

But I’m not sure that everyone knows exactly why volunteers are so incredibly important. The simple fact of the matter is this – a lot of organizations are legally unable to pay for workers. Non-profits cant give anyone a salary, not the people who own it, and not the people who work there. That means places like TransitionsUK are completely reliant on volunteers.

The people volunteering help host fundraisers, they fill the administration roles, they take up parts like youth leader and scout guide. Volunteers are the ones who spread awareness and get involved in their local communities, helping bring aid to those that would otherwise not be reached by our organization. They run the after-school clubs, serve as peer volunteers, and sometimes are even able to offer services on a wider, more professional level.

The biggest problem organizations like ours face is that people often think oh, they probably have enough volunteers already or oh, but there’s nothing I could offer. Let me assure you, both of those faces are dreadfully wrong. There’s no such thing as having enough volunteers, and there’s always something that you, as an individual, can offer. Your experience and your desire to help are key components in making sure that people of all ages, locations, and financial status can be helped.

Enrich your own life, and the life of someone else, all in one go. Next time you see that somewhere is looking for volunteer help, give them a call and see what you can offer. I promise, it’s going to be a lot easier than you think.