Vaping in the media


Hot in the Headlines

Many mentions of vaping in the press can appear quite sensationalist and whilst many of us can see through the dramatisations there are very real problems being highlighted. One such problem that seems to be at the forefront of every news report is huge raids being done on local newsagents stocking hundreds of these harmful vaping products and the illegal sale of these products to children. Not only is this illegal in terms of selling tobacco products to under 18’s, many of the popular vaping products among those demographics tend to be unregulated disposable vapes. A recent research report into vaping in the UK (more about that further down!) shows that use of disposable vaping products amongst 11 to 18 year olds has increased substantially, with 52.8% of current vapers using them in 2022, compared with 7.8% in 2021 and 5.3% in 2020 (1). At Right Vape we ensure to educate and stay on the right side of the law by requiring ID for the sale of any of the products we stock, all of which are regulated and registered with all relevant bodies within the EU & UK.

The Report

In September 2022, Public Health England (now OHID) and King’s College London released a research report on nicotine vaping in the UK. This ground breaking report highlights some recent findings and developments in regards to vaping habits both with nicotine and without. As well as speaking with adults across the UK, young people aged 11-18 are included also. This sheds some light on the increase of illegal sales of unregulated products nationally. Statistics have been released through this report that show vaping is the most effective smoking cessation method currently! Also included in this are recent findings on the health effects of vaping, chemicals to look out for on the ingredients list of your e-liquids and misconceptions of vaping.

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