The Best Sparkling Wines for Christmas – A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bottle


Who doesn’t love a glass of fizz at Christmas time? Sparkling wine is the perfect accompaniment to festive food – think roasted goose, Christmas pudding and mince pies! If you’re looking for the perfect way to finish off your Christmas dinner or make an end-of-meal digestif more exciting, read on for our best sparkling wine recommendations. Whether you’re serving canapés at a pre-Christmas drinks party or hosting a fully-fledged turkey dinner, the right sparkler will complement any meal – and leave guests feeling merry.

Who doesn’t love a glass of fizz at Christmas time?

The sparkling wine is the most popular choice for Christmas. It’s a bit of a cliché, but if you serve sparkling wine at Christmas, it just feels like Christmas. It’s festive and celebratory – the perfect accompaniment to a family Christmas meal. If you’re serving canapés at a pre-Christmas drinks party or hosting a fully-fledged turkey dinner, the right sparkler will complement any meal – and leave guests feeling merry. Remember that sparkling wines come in a range of styles, including sweet, brut and dry. Selecting the right one will ensure that both the wine and your guests’ taste buds get to finish the meal on a high.

Dry Prosecco

Prosecco is a dry Italian sparkling wine that’s a great choice for Christmas. This is the most popular sparkling wine worldwide and the perfect option for those who prefer a drier, less sweet fizz. Prosecco has a fresh, fruity flavour that works well with festive foods like Christmas pudding, cranberry sauce, and nuts. It is recommended to be served chilled, but it can also be served at room temperature. Wine Chateau sparkling wine range includes a semi dry white with a beautiful bouquet that reveals aroma of jasmine and acacia flowers. Produced under Method Charmat, the same method used to produce most of Prosecco wines, it has a pleasant bubbly texture. Therefore, it will nicely complement your Christmas cheese platters or a dessert. 

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Brut Crisecco

If you enjoy the flavour of a dry Prosecco but want something a touch richer in taste and flavour.

Then Crisecco brut white is definitely the sparkling you need to explore. Produced under Italian technology with fermentation taking place in steel tanks, it enables the preservation of fresh taste and pleasant aromas. The wine makers are using the indigenous Moldovan grape Feteasca Alba in Crisecco production, which offers a fresh, lively, and balanced acidity along a flowers flavour with a citrus touch. Served chilled, at a temperature between 8C to 10C, Crisecco brut will perfectly pair with Christmas canapes, as well as with a seafood starter. 

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Sweet Red

If you’re looking for something a bit different this Christmas and have a sweet tooth, a sparkling red may be the one for you. The the bouquet that reveals aroma of red fruits and berries, make this sparkling wine to perfectly pair with Christmas pud. A perfect dessert wine, the red sparkling is also great with other desserts that contains chocolate, berries tarts or brownies. Note that this red sparkling is produced under the same Method Charmat, used to produce the Prosecco and Lambrusco wines. Therefore, is possesses a pleasant acidity and bubbly texture.

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Sweet Rose

Do you fancy a sweeter taste fizz? What about a blend of grape varieties that resulted in a salmon colour rose sweet sparkling wine with a wild berries bouquet harmoniously complemented by rose jam accents? Sounds and tastes delicious! The sweet rose sparkling has the power to transform ordinary moments into celebratory ones. Therefore, serve it to your quests chilled while you are getting together for your Christmas party! The rose sparkling is very versatile when it comes to food pairing and will deliciously complement a large variety of desserts from fruit tarts, cookies, Christmas mince pies or truffles. As well, you can just enjoy it on it’s own due to the balanced acidity and pleasant berries aftertaste.

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Summing up

Choosing the right sparkling wine for your Christmas is all about choosing the right style of wine. Semi-dry whites are a good option if you prefer a drier, less sweet fizz. The sweet red and rose are going so well just to be served on their own while chatting before your Christmas dinner, when the brut Crisecco will beautifully complement your canapes and starters. If you’re hosting a festive occasion, sparkling wine is a festive, celebratory drink that will delight all your guests, regardless of their preferred drink.