The Benefits of Having A Pet


Having a pet is a great boost to a person’s physical, mental health and wellbeing.

As pet owners, not clinicians we can’t share the science behind the benefits of having a pet. But we do know is that having a pet, their very presence offers comfort, stress release, and lots of joy. Regular exercise is also on the cards If you have an active pet such as a dog or horse.

As Employees
Working pets are those who were primarily taken on to help humans with daily living such as emotional support or visual and other physical differences. Animals are smart and can help humans manage medical conditions i.e. epilepsy

Full time working animals who work for law enforcement or border control use their powerful sense of smell to sniff out controlled and illegal substances. You don’t have to look too hard to see animals in other occupations – lifeguard anyone.

As Family Members
Having a pet is a responsibility, but it also teaches us how to care for a living sentient creature that is defenceless and dependent on us. Which is a great skill to develop at whatever age. If you have the chance to pick a pet to join your family, enjoy the prospect.

Even when they are looking after us, we must not forget that our pets have feelings too and we should look out for their wellbeing also. We’ve mentioned a few of those ways in a previous blog post.

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