Team Building at Trapp’d!


I’m Chelsea, one of the GamesMasters from Trapp’d and as someone who works with a large group of other staff members, I know how important it can be to have a cohesive team that works well together.

As many of you will know, activities outside of the workplace can be a great chance to bring your team closer together and benefit the workplace environment. This is where we come in!

At Trapp’d we offer amazing opportunities for companies to come and spend time in our branches with their teams and most importantly, have some fun!

Our escape rooms have so many benefits that you can use to advance your employees. Each room we have requires some of the basics that a good employee should also be able to showcase, including teamwork, leadership skills, delegation and good communication skills.

I’m sure the idea of being locked in a room with the people you work with everyday doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I can assure you, every person will leave with a smile on their face! The challenges they will face in the rooms will help bring them together in a way that other activities can’t. By putting them in a competitive type of environment, each group will be required to excel at their teamwork abilities in order to be successful, just like at work!

And for some a little different… we also offer Rage Rooms in our corporate packages! You might be thinking, “this doesn’t sound like it requires teamwork”, you are correct. But what the Destroy’d Rage Rooms can offer is stress relief! If you’ve had a very busy season at work, we provide a smashing opportunity to help refocus everyone and create a positive, stress-free work environment. In our Rage Rooms, we provide various items to be smashed up and a supply of weapons to destroy them with! You’re even welcome to bring your own items to break, the office printer that needs replacing, or a terrible gift. You can even bring pictures to hang up around the room. It is a great exercise that we have seen customers benefit from time and time again, which is why we are the UKs top Rage Room provider.

Our corporate packages come in many different options. You can book out an entire branch of your choice for 4 or 8 hours, including all Escape Rooms and the Rage Room (if that branch has one), or you can book each Escape Room on site and challenge each other to who can escape the fastest. We love working with all types of businesses and tailoring a package that works for you.

Our LinkedIn page is the best place to see what we can provide for your business and take part in our competitions and our website is great for seeing the stories behind our amazing Escape Rooms.

For any corporate packages or queries, contact Jake via where we will be more than happy to help you choose the right package for you.

We hope to see some of you very soon for a corporate event with a difference!