6 months retained HR Support for the price of 4 | Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce
6 months retained HR Support for the price of 4 | Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce

Strategies for Success: Verto Offers Free Social Media Seminars

As the East Midland’s foremost design agency, we are proud to offer our social media seminars in-office for 2024. With an experienced in-house social media team, each with an eye for the latest trends, we aim to deliver an interactive, informative morning of training.

Covering a range of methods and techniques found in social media marketing, our social media experts will deliver content ranging from the benefits of using each platform and creating a long-term social media strategy, to managing engagement and social advertising. Navigating the online landscape poses challenges in the form of devising a tailored and suitable strategy for your company, aimed at engaging your key target audience.

Verto prides itself on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, both for our staff and for all of our visitors. We understand that listening to others’ opinions and initiating meaningful discussions with like-minded individuals is always beneficial. Particularly in the world of social media strategies, sharing ideas and methods that have proved successful for others is a valuable resource for optimising your own approach.

Our team of social media marketing specialists enjoy staying on top of the latest trends, ensuring they have the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of platform and algorithm updates. Thus, they are able to deliver relevant, valuable content that you can take away and readily implement into your own social media strategy for improved results.

Verto are proud to offer our social media seminar free of charge; our team enjoy sharing their expertise in the subject, and inviting meaningful discussions with like-minded individuals who are interested in growing their company’s social media presence. Whether your company platforms are established or just starting out, this seminar will aid in arming you with knowledge to encourage growth of any volume.

To find out more, or to book onto one of our upcoming social media seminars on the 8th February, 11th April or the 13th June 2024, please visit https://www.vertouk.com/social-media-seminars.

Verto also offers free SEO seminars, with a blend of in-office and online webinars, with upcoming dates on the 25th January, 14th March and the 25th April. Find out more at https://www.vertouk.com/seo-seminars.