Should I Outsource My Price Sign Printing?


Benefits of using plastic price cards

Plastic price signs are essential for retailers in any industry. They allow you to convey all the important information you need while ensuring your store and products are hygienic and durable.

Unlike paper signs, plastic cards print quickly and produce the perfect design every time. They also last much longer thanks to their scratch and water-resistant qualities, and the food-safe plastic means there’s no risk of contamination when placing them close to your products.

Who should use plastic price cards?

Plastic price cards are perfect for any retailer who wants to create a strong brand image. They help you create unique and uniform displays to improve the visual appeal of your store to customers, as you can include any text, your logo, icons, and other images. You can also print on a varying range of card sizes to give you even more design choices.

Price cards are suitable for all industries, from food retail to hospitality.

With our range of price card display accessories, conveying important information to your customers has never been easier. All you need to do is print the product name, description, price, and anything else important on your card, then pick a method of display, such as pins or stands. Your customers will be able to read everything they need to know for themselves, freeing up more time for you.

Price cards are also the perfect solution to allergen labelling for food retailers. With Natasha’s Law coming into effect from October 2021, it’s important to make sure your food labelling is up to legal requirements. With printed price signs for retail, you can make sure all allergens are bolded and visible for each product, and even use icon images for extra emphasis.

With desktop plastic card printers designed specifically to print plastic cards and Reward-It’s printing bureau, it doesn’t matter what the size your business is. It’s a straightforward process and there’s a price card option to suit everyone. 

 Coloured price signs

When to outsource your price tag printing

If you only need price tags on a one-off basis, investing in a price sign printer can be a big expenditure with little reward. It can also be a big task for retailers with busy schedules, so outsourcing your price tag printing is the perfect solution.

When you come to Reward-It, our in-house printing bureau will work to your brief to produce high-quality cards designed by our specialist team. If you’d prefer, you can design your cards and send them over to us along with all the information we need to get started – we’re happy to do all the hard work so your business gets all the benefits.

It’s ideal for both large and small quantity orders, and you’ll get a full design service with a quick turnaround from placing your order to receiving your cards. We also offer this service nationwide, so you don’t need to worry about being too far away as you’ll get your cards delivered straight to your door.

Pros of in-house printing

On the other hand, investing in a price sign printer is perfect for retailers whose products change on a regular basis, like seasonal specials or regular new stock intakes.

Price sign printers and design software are also perfect for building stock lists of your products. Instead of trying to remember how much your seasonal products cost last year, you’ll be able to organise everything into categories and subcategories to make finding seasonal stock easy. All you need to do is click print!

With our price card printer bundles, you’ll get everything you need to start printing on-demand straight away. 

At Reward-It, we provide price sign and plastic card printers and price signs for retail. Whether you’re a large or small retailer, our specialist team will help you find the right plastic cards for your store. For support, get in touch with Reward-It for expert advice. Call us on 020 8266 1600 or fill in an enquiry form on our contact page.