Sales focus must not be at the detriment of your service recovery!


Sometimes the focus on sales and growth is at the detriment of the experience a customer has of the products and services they have bought.

Marketing teams work tirelessly to engage with people and to acquire new customers? Advertising fills people with great expectations, promises and building trust through anticipation? Only for the service experience to be intermittent and sometimes fail them?

By applying the Customer Experience strategy across every touch point in their customer journey, organisations can improve the consistency of service delivery.

This must include the service recovery experience, which if managed well leads to a reduction in the volume of repeat service recovery contacts and re-builds trust and loyalty.

Using insight to identify and fix problems before they become an issue is a sign that an organisation is reaching a more sophisticated level of CX maturity and is allowing employees to take the initiative to do the right thing. Whilst this can be described as proactive experience recovery – for me it is actually about creating a culture of putting customers at the heart of the organisation – where employees at every level of the organisation are empowered to make small fixes to processes and where daily decisions are made in the interest of the customer.

By improving the ability for employees to provide consistent service delivery; you naturally remove anxiety and stress from the service delivery experience both internally and externally, minimising the errors that badly impact our customers’ experience of your brand!

Nick Lygo-Baker