Reward-It joins the Better Business Act


Reward-It is proud to support the Better Business Act

Reward-It is a business with sustainability at its heart, and our team has taken many steps to reduce wastage and improve our eco-friendly practices.

We are continuously conscious of our impact on the environment and the community that we work in and believe that every business should be held responsible for the effect it has on the planet.

This belief is what led to Reward-It signing up to support the Better Business Act, which aims to amend section 172 of The Companies Act.

About the Better Business Act

Recent studies have shown that more than three-quarters of the British public believe that businesses and organisations should be held legally responsible for any negative impact they have on the environment, which is why the Better Business Act was created.

With the main purpose of aligning the interests of directors and shareholders with the best interests of the environment and the community, the Better Business Act’s focus is amending Section 172 of the Companies Act. This ensures that business directors act responsibly towards workers, customers, communities, and stakeholders.

This legislation would apply to all businesses by default and requires business owners to report on the decisions they are making and how they are impacting the planet and the community. This ensures that change is being made and the Act cannot be avoided.

Joining the Better Business Act

As a business that values sustainability, Reward-It has joined the Better Business Act to give more back to the environment and the community we work in.

This is just another step in providing more eco-friendly practices alongside our current partnership with Tree-Nation, which plants a tree for all orders placed online.

As our business continues to grow, we will always put the planet and people before profits.

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