Revolution Zero – Zero Waste, Zero Hunger


Every year the UK wastes 9.5 million tonnes of food.

As a food consultant, Vegan and someone who cares about planet sustainability; food wastage statistics from the UK alone, make uncomfortable reading. So, this blog has a more personal connection, advocating for the reduction of food waste and local volunteering.

Revolution Zero is a not-for-profit organisation that collects surplus food in and around Northampton supermarkets and restaurants. The premise is simple – Zero Waste, Zero Hunger through the redistribution of surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away.

In my spare time I volunteer at Shop Zero, a subsidiary supplied by Revolution Zero, where surplus food, is available at significantly reduced prices for the local community. Day in Day out the volunteers, like myself collect unsold but perfectly edible food from shops, manufacturers and farms across the Midlands to share in the Northampton community. This process results in an average of three tonnes of food a week being rescued and made available to those who need it most. Unlike food banks, Shop Zero is available to everyone regardless of income. Customers make considerable savings on food shopping, at the same time food waste is diverted away from landfill and the resulting harmful effects on the environment are decreased.

Contact Revolution Zero for more details.

Each week I spend a couple of hours with Shop Zero customers. I also provide valuable advice to shop staff and volunteers on labelling, to ensure food is deemed safe to eat.

Alongside food rescuing, Revolution Zero also aim to raise awareness of food poverty and food waste, through talks and food demonstrations at shows, festivals and events.

It’s in all our interests to do more to save the planet, reducing food waste in your local community is a good place to start.

Whether you are a food business or an individual you can help, either by donating surplus food, or volunteering your time.

If you have concerns about your business food wastage, book a free 20-minute consultation with The Nutrient Gap.

Be conscious healthy and business healthy from the inside out.