Presenting and Displaying Your Gift Cards In-Store


Once you’ve set up your gift card system, the next big step is to get them flying off the shelves. But for that to happen you need to market them properly, and that means you need somewhere well thought out to put them. You can’t hide them away, out of view from your customers.

Along with marketing on your website and social media platforms, you need to make sure they’re visible and prominent to everyone who comes through your shop. It can be a struggle to find a space, as you don’t want to intrude on the areas saved for your other physical products – but it isn’t impossible, and it’s worth it if you want to maximise the success of your gift card system.

 Applying a gold gift window sticker

Gift Card Carriers

Firstly, invest in gift card carriers to present your cards in. When gifted to the recipient, the card within its carrier adds the perfect touch of professionalism. Standard gift card carriers are pre-printed ready for a range of occasions. With specific designs for Christmas or standard designs printed with ‘a gift for you’, your customers will be able to choose a gift card that suits their needs.

All our standard gift cards feature a single fold with a machine pressed crease and have a glued pocket inside to hold the gift cards securely whilst offering easy insertion and removal. There’s also a section that allows your customers to write a message to the recipient and the value of the card.

 Gift card

If you’re looking for something slightly more bespoke or fitting to your brand, we also stock a range of branded gift card carriers that can be customised with your design and logo to match your plastic cards.

Available in a range of sizes, all of our gift card carriers are printed on high quality 300gsm silk board to give your cards a touch of elegance. The folded carriers are perfect for standing displays or if you want to hang your cards pride of place, choose gift card holders with a die cut euroslot.

 Open gift card

Gift Card Display Stands

For space-saving display options, greeting card display stands suit everyone’s needs. They’re designed for use on countertops in shops, but are also perfect for use on tabletops at craft fairs, events, and exhibitions just to name a few.

Our plastic 8-compartment display is perfect for presenting both gift and loyalty cards, or if you’re after something more eco-friendly, we offer cardboard display stands in a range of sizes and colours. They’re made from 75% recycled material and are just as durable as plastic, so no matter what you choose, you can be sure that your stand will last for years.

 Gift cards in 8 compartment display

Another display option is a postcard counter spinner. Made from strong wire and coated in plastic in a range of colours, there are plenty of configuration and pocket options so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

Displaying Your Gift Cards Creatively

You can also get creative with the display of your gift cards. For example, if you’re a florist, use coloured paper and your gift cards to create a bouquet which you can then advertise on your countertop. Creative countertop displays are more likely to catch your customers’ eye and encourage impulse purchases.

Have fun by creating seasonal displays. For Easter promotions, arrange gift cards in a basket with some seasonally appropriate decorations. At Christmas, you can create a gift card wreath – the possibilities really are endless.

Alongside your display, you also need to make sure you have appropriate signage situated around your shop. Posters and signs can help you effectively communicate that you sell gift cards to your customers, and marketing materials such as window clings encourage footfall whilst wobblers on your till or glass counter display can help boost sales at the point of transaction.

If you’d like to know more about how a gift card system can boost sales all year round, get in touch with one of our experts by calling us on 020 8266 1600 or via our Contact Us page.