Prepare for Enrolment with ID Card Printer Rentals


With education organisations getting themselves prepared for the enrolment period, it can be difficult for schools to foresee the process running smoothly with limited equipment and resources.

ID Card Centre offers printers for rental periods to allow schools to boost their workforce during the enrolment process.

Renting a printer allows you to boost the speed of your printing and produce more cards per hour, thus allowing for smoother enrolment of pupils without the added costs of spending on a new printer. It also means you can let us worry about the actual printer, as each rental package is built depending on your requirements.

Print Speed

Print speed is an important factor for boosting your enrolment workforce.

Our rental printers offer different speeds depending on your requirements, as each package is built for specific print volumes. Depending on the different package you select for your rental printer, you’ll either have the option of producing up to 500 cards per hour, 750 cards per hour or 1000 cards per hour.

All rental printers offer high-quality printing, therefore ensuring all your students feel safe and secure on campus.

Single- or double-sided printing

Our highest package, the Ultimate printer rental, offers a double-sided printer so you can print on both sides of the card with ease.

With the Premium and Professional packages, you are limited to only single-sided printing. This is ideal if you only require over-printing on cards that already have a design or if you only need to print on the front of your card.

Monochrome or colour printing

There is a big difference between monochrome and colour printing when it comes to ID cards, as it can impact both the aesthetic and the security of your cards.

When it comes to your identity solutions, the aesthetic often isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, being able to see images, logos, and more in colour allows for that additional security measures, especially if you’re using specific fonts and colours to match your branding.

If you only need to overprint personalised data onto the cards, monochrome printing is a cost-effective option.

All three printer rental packages allow for both monochrome and full-colour printing, which means any package that fits your needs best can be adapted towards the style you’re going for.

Encoding options

Security is crucial across all industries – and for some, more than others. Education is high on that list, needing to ensure all staff and students are kept safe during school hours.

Having certain security measures both around the perimeter of your school and internally at access points is important, as you may need to restrict pupil access inside the school as well as prevent unauthorised people from entering the building. Having an appropriate access control within your premises is crucial, as it ensures only people with specified access to areas can get in.

The Professional and Ultimate printer rental packages both allow for optional encoding for smart cards and magstripes. This means that you can encode your cards on-site as you’re issuing ID cards, so staff and students can access the areas they need straight away.

Types of rental packages

To make it easier, we offer ID card printer rentals as a package deal to give you all the knowledge and tools to get off to a running start. That includes shipping for next working day delivery and a 7-day rental period from the date of delivery, allowing you to test and double-check that you understand how to work your printer before student enrolment.

When building your rental package, there are multiple selections to choose from to help you get the most out of your printer. For example, the volume of cards you are expecting to print, what ribbon is required, card type, encoding, and the additional option of software rental, which can be installed on a laptop provided if needed.

We also provide telephone and remote support between Monday and Friday, 9-5, allowing you to speak to a member of our expert team to help with any inquiries you may have regarding your rental. Your package also includes cleaning cards and swabs for after-use.

The three different types of packages we offer are:

• Premium, which offers small prints of up to 500 cards
• Professional, which offers a medium-sized print run of 1000
• Ultimate, which offers large prints of over 1000 cards per hour

With our rental packages, ribbons must be bought separately due to different requirements. We can, however, supply any type of ribbon you need, including single and double-sided ribbons, full-colour, holographic, metallic, and signature panels, to name a few.

Please note that our printer rentals don’t come with card management software as standard, but you can rent out specific software compatible with your printer.

The overall benefit of not buying a printer is that there is no capital expenditure on buying it yourself, as you may not need it all year round. There is also no need to waste time researching the best printer for your requirements.

If you require another printer to boost productivity in enrolment, build your ID card printer rental packagenow or get in touch with a member of our expert team.