Plastic Packaging Tax Implementation 01 April 2022


The Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) will be introduced on 1 April 2022. The aim of this policy is to direct more plastic towards recycling; away from landfill and incineration means of disposal.

If your business manufactures or imports plastic, you could be one of the estimated 20,000 companies in the UK affected by (PPT).

Do you know if PPT will affect your business?

The new PPT will only apply to plastic packaging manufactured in or imported into the UK that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. The tax will be liable whether the packaging is filled or unfilled.

Plastic usage is determined by weight, so there will be an exemption to this tax for manufacturers and importers of less than 10 tonnes of plastic packaging per year.

If your business is affected by this change, are you ready for it?

Plastic packaging includes:

· Bottles containing drinks, condiments, spices and sauces

· Yogurt, spreads and ice-cream containers

· Take-away packaging

(This list is not exhaustive)

Cafes, restaurants, take-away services – do you know how much plastic packaged goods you use in a year, including what you import into the UK?

Are you closer to the 10-tonne exemption than you think?

As with other taxes non-compliance will incur penalties from failure to register, failure to file returns and failure to pay.

Check now, avoid fines later.

Other legislation changes that come into effect on 1 April 2022, Calorie Labelling on Menus and VAT Reduction returns to 20%. Please check out our previous blogs for more information regarding these changes.

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