Our Top 5 Midlands Sustainable Venues for Inspiring Events


More and more of our clients are seeking sustainable solutions across their business and we are thrilled that they are coming to us with really specific briefs for lower impact venues and events . We can’t quite work out if it’s a chicken or egg situation but it certainly seems like our passion in this area is attracting other companies that share our values.

With recent innovations in sustainability measurement, venues can stand up and be counted in previously untapped ways. And you can find some shining examples in the heart of the UK. We’ve done a lot of sustainable venue searching recently so we thought we’d share some of our recent finds.

“The Midlands” although a little bit flexible in its definition, is a longstanding go-to destination amongst event planners. After all, it boasts an impressive repertoire of venues, besides being easy to get to from all corners of the map. Accessibility is traditionally the key priority here, but unsurprisingly, top venues in the region aren’t just keeping pace with event sustainability, but leading the way.

Here are some of our top recommendations for market-leading sustainable venues in the Midlands:

Wyboston Lakes Resort, Bedfordshire

The slogan of this multi-faceted resort is ‘More Sustainability, No Apology’. It’s a bold claim to make, considering the site comprises three compelling venues offering event facilities for up to 620 people, 406 bedrooms, golfing and a Y Spa.

Nevertheless, Wyboston have committed to optimal self-sufficiency and waste management. They’ve been zero to landfill since 2015, and aim for carbon neutrality by 2040 by investing in generating renewable energy onsite via wind turbines and solar panels, which is no mean feat while welcoming thousands of visitors daily.

Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham

“We have grand ambitions to be the most sustainable cricket venue in the UK and operate as Net Zero by 2030,” said Claire Daniels, Operations Director at the home of Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

In order to achieve their objectives, this exceptional 800 capacity venue has introduced an impressive range of sustainable initiatives, including:

  • Reusable ‘e’ cups since 2016
  • Renewable energy sources, mostly from compressed wood pellets
  • Locally sourced and prepared foods

National Space Centre, Leicester

With an exhilarating Rocket Tower, the UK’s largest Planetarium and six space-themed galleries, this unique venue hosts events for up to 200 people, and takes event sustainability to infinity and beyond.

While participating in a company conference or celebrating at an awards dinner, your delegates and guests can marvel at the ways the Centre is pushing the boundaries of satellite data analysis for managing the environment.

Science for sure holds the keys for us to navigate our way out of this mess and the Space Centre is a great way to support that message.

Eastside Rooms, Birmingham

With state-of-the-art facilities for up to 1,200 people and an adjoining Aloft by Marriott Hotel, every aspect of this recent addition to Birmingham’s future forward Knowledge Quarter is imbued with sustainable values.

Its impressive range of sustainable credentials includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Encouraging public transport, offering only limited parking, and providing electric car charging points
  • Minimising and eradicating single use items, for example, replacing bottled water in meeting rooms with water coolers
  • Compartmentalising all bins for recycling at its own on-site cardboard compactor

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

When you’re looking for inspiring surroundings and sustainable principles, Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a majestic choice for up to 500 people. The team are committed to circular economy principles, and their policies around biodiversity, energy, procurement, travel and waste are grounded in tackling climate change by reducing environmental impacts.

Complimentary access to the majestic Gardens for refreshment breaks is a bonus means of engaging and inspiring your delegates and stakeholders. 


At Brightspace Events, sustainability informs the way we conduct our business, and our entire approach to events. We aspire to B-Corp status over time, and you can read our sustainability commitment here.

Get in touch for help with sourcing sustainable venues, or any element of sustainable event delivery in line with your overall business objectives.