Need Help with Membership Card Printing?


Many clubs and businesses rely on membership cards to influence repeat business and maintain a steady income. When done right, membership card designs can be an effective way to promote a company and strengthen a brand’s identity.

The process of finding a suitable membership card printing solution for your organisation can consume a lot of time. Using our membership card printing service, you can make sure your printing experience runs smoothly by following our guide.

Choosing your membership card designs

Membership card design

Membership card designs represent your organisation’s identity, so the designs should feature fonts, logos, images, and colours that reflect your branding – this ensures your brand is recognisable. When designing your cards, each card should have a bespoke design and should include the name, photo, address, membership numbers or unique barcodes associated with the card owner to make sure the card is identifiable when issuing cards or when misplaced.  

Applying personalised features to your plastic membership cards can ensure you produce professional-looking bespoke designs that stand out from your competitors. We provide specialised card features such as applying spot UV to plastic membership cards to enhance the card’s appearance. For clubs that use silver or gold elements in their branding, you may want to consider applying silver or gold hot foiling to your cards to produce high-end plastic card designs.

We specialise in personalised membership card printing – get in touch with us then once you’ve sent us your artwork and we’ll work with you to ensure your designs meet your needs.

Don’t have a card design just yet? We can provide bespoke card designs to ensure your cards look professional and meet your brand’s standards. Simply contact us for more information.  

Security & Special Card features

At ID Card Centre we issue plastic membership cards with enhanced security features to prevent card cloning and forgery. Our embossing feature can be applied to plastic membership cards to add emphasis to text and applies a layer of security to your cards. Security holograms much like the ones visible on a driver’s licence are an effective way to identify authentic membership cards from fraudulent ones.

When designing your organisation’s membership cards, you should consider alternative uses for the card. We can apply magnetic stripes to your cards to ensure your cards are compatible with cashless vending and access control systems which authorise members to access the premises.

We offer card encoding for organisations needing photo ID membership card printing for their contactless or swipe access control systems, call us on 01604 422422 for more information.

Finding a membership card supplier

Outsourcing membership cards & call-offs

Outsourcing membership card printing is an ideal way for businesses to save time and bulk-print club membership cards. Through our experience in issuing membership cards with various industries, we have designed a club membership card printing service to make custom membership card printing easy for gyms, members’ clubs, sports clubs, hobbyists and more.

If you’re interested in ordering printed cards on an ad-hoc basis find out more about our call-off service here.

In-house membership card printing

For those opting for an in-house membership card printing solution, we supply a variety of ID Card printers ideal for various card printing requirements. Our plastic card printer bundles are budget-friendly and have been assembled to save you from having to look for consumables that are compatible with our plastic card printers. All our printer bundles include credit-card-sized plastic cards, YMCKO colour ribbons, and beginner-friendly ID Badge design software to ensure you have the necessary resources to start printing in-house, professionally. 

Please contact us on 01604 422 422 for more information about our membership card printing options to make sure you have the ideal membership card design for your club.