Minimising Business Risk – Maximising Business Potential


Minimising Business Risk – Maximising Business Potential : What does that mean exactly?

Minimising business risk : Protecting your existing business

Maximising business potential : Developing your future business

You have a quality management system which is regularly audited so everything is good, right?

The audit demonstrates you are following a process however, it does not assess how robust your processes are or whether your policies and procedures are suitable and sufficient, it simply demonstrates you are following a process.

Minimising business risk

We should first differentiate between legislative risks e.g. Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) or Employment Rights Act (1996) and risks to your business e.g. market, financial or operational. Legislative risks can lead to imprisonment whereas risks to your business may simply damage your reputation. We can support you on both of these aspects.

Management systems are at the heart of your business, to protect your business. We can create, review or audit your policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance as a minimum, and with robust business mechanisms to support your business.

We can also help and support to implement corrective actions or observations following an external audit.

Risks can be an exhaustive list if you think about it. Business in general has many inherent risks, we can work with you to identify which are critical to your business. Together we can then assess the risks and form a strategy to; avoid, transfer, mitigate or contain.

Some business risks are unavoidable, we should be realistic on this. Acknowledging the risk exists and taking all reasonably practicable steps to eliminate (including expertise from an independent external consultant) offers maximum protection to you and your business.

We have a thorough knowledge and hands-on experience in all business aspects from financial risk to sales risk or operational risk.

We have also worked in a diverse variety of markets and applications, you can talk to us about anything from retail to construction, service sector, security or governmental.

Maximising business potential

We inspire and support you in your strategic planning and business development to maximise your future potential.

We should be clear that risks are also present in your sales strategy. Knowing and understanding the risks and threats to your business enables you to quickly adapt to changing situations.

Together or independently, we can analyse the external environment outside your business to understand your opportunities and threats. We can review your resources and capabilities to determine what makes you unique and the effect you have in your market. We can support you in the development of your strategy, and making it happen.

How we do this

Business Mechanisms Coaching & Consulting is not your average consultancy service, we genuinely care about sharing our expertise, knowledge and skills in a truthful practicable honest way.

We are committed to the confidentially of trust and security of all information which will never be shared or divulged to others outside of the agreed audience.

All business has a heart and soul therefore there needs to be empathy and awareness to help realise objectives with practical expertise you can trust.

We do not have an off the shelf ‘box ticking’ procedure, we are as unique as you and your business. We provide a flexible service to help discover, evaluate and support your needs while providing professional expertise and advice to establish and deliver objectives and solutions.

Business risks are frequently overlooked

Day to day business demands can cause a distraction from your focus and strategic objectives, it is not uncommon to outgrow them before they are realised either. Using a consultant is an easy way to maintain momentum in the business as well as having expertise without the commitment of an employee.

Assigning additional responsibility to an employee could detract from their normal everyday role and duties, they are also close to a potential issue and may be blinkered. A combined approach of utilising your valuable resources together with a consultant provides the necessary support to maintain business continuity.

What next

Are your management systems robust, suitable and sufficient?

Are you focussed on your risks?

Would you like reassurance or an outsiders view of your systems?

Are you ready to grow your business?

Is your business ready to grow?

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