Maintenance-free knife edge rollers expand the igus online shop range


So that users can get their wear-resistant knife edge roller even faster, igus has expanded its online shop to include the range of iglidur rollers made from high-performance polymers. Included in the new range are knife edge rollers made of the blue material iglidur A250. The new tribo-polymer is particularly characterised by its wear resistance at high belt speeds and fulfils the requirements of FDA and EU conformity at the same time.
10 years ago, a long service life, low wear and chemical resistance under cleaning conditions were the decisive factors for the development of the igus knife edge rollers in the beverage industry. Today, they are not only used in beverage technology, but also in food and packaging systems. The rollers ensure that conveyor belts are guided even at high speed over knife edge transitions that are limited in installation space. In this way, the products are transferred safely from one conveyor to the other. However, it is not only the safety of increasingly automated production that is in demand; all machine and systems components must also meet the requirements for hygiene and cleanliness. Therefore, igus has developed a total of five materials for knife edge rollers for different application scenarios. All products help the user to save costs, reduce maintenance and increase the service life of their system. The comprehensive range of lubrication-free knife edge rollers is now also offered by igus in its online shop. For special dimensions, the user can make use of the Tribo-Cut CNC service from igus, resort to the product range of bar stock or even special dimensions in injection moulding.

iglidur A250: FDA-compliant knife edge roller for food contact
One of the five iglidur materials for knife edge rollers is iglidur A250. It meets the strict hygiene requirements of the FDA and EU10/2011 regulations and is also suitable for high speeds. The rollers made of iglidur A250 only require a low drive power, due to a minimisation of the coefficient of friction. Thanks to its blue colour it is also optically detectable. All iglidur knife edge rollers from igus are free from external lubrication, so they are insensitive to dust and dirt and easy to clean. igus examines the long service life and wear resistance of the rollers in its in-house test laboratory, covering 3,800 square metres. The plastics specialist can therefore make a statement about durability of all rollers.

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