Living with Mental Health Issues


Everyday, people all across the globe get up and struggle through life. The world, especially in these current, modern times, is a hectic place. It’s difficult for anyone to manoeuvre – and especially hard for some of us. One in four people struggle with mental health issues. Sometimes, it’s a temporary ailment. Other times, it’s a problem that will follow a person their entire life.

Day to day tasks become infinitely harder. Often, people don’t understand. Someone without anxiety, or depression, or schizophrenia will often struggle to put themselves in the position of someone who does have that problem. That lack of understanding makes things worse. There’s nothing that makes a person want to retreat into their shell – their house, their mind, their online world – more than feeling as though they’re an outlier.

That’s why it’s so important to continuously spread awareness and knowledge of mental health issues. Not only is it important for this knowledge to be available to those dealing with a mental health issue, but it’s important that the rest of the world is made aware of it, too. The more understanding that can be offered to someone, the easier it will be for them to open up…and the more support that someone receives, the higher their quality of life becomes.

Apathy is an easy void to fall into, and a difficult one to come back out of. The biggest thing to remember – or to remind your loved one’s about – is that this isn’t a one man stand. You’re not alone.

And there might not be an instant fix for the problems that we’re dealing with, but knowing that someone cares can often be enough to light the way a little more. One more day lived through. One more struggle lessened. One more door held open. That matters.