Little boxes of Happiness


Welcome to Wildflowers.

I love making up these wonderful boxes of healing for my customers.

Each box differs as when you order, I will have a chat with you to see what your needs are or the needs of the person you are purchasing the box for.

Put simply they are boxes to raise your vibration, heal emotional blocks and help you to feel calmer, happier and more in balance.

This is a picture of a birthday box which contains:
– Smudge stick for clearing negative energies.
– Dream catcher for catching all the positive energies and keeping them around.
– Bath salts specially made for enhancing self-love.
– Selenite crystal for purification, alignment, clearing blocked/ negative energies and provides emotional healing.

All my boxes are made with intention and charged with Reiki and crystal healing. They are such a thoughtful healing gift for the people you love.