Listen to your employees – to connect with your customers


Voice of Employee! Traditionally the domain of HR and used to understand the stability of the workforce, there is so much more that can be learnt form those who do the job! Those closest to the customer have the best understanding of the wants, needs and challenges faced in delivering great customer experiences to them. However, tapping into this diamond mine of insights is not easy, there is a lot of scree to sift through to find these gems and knowing where and how to look has been difficult.

Let’s leave that analogy there for a moment, the point is that businesses don’t always measure in the right way, not only failing to ask the right questions, but in some cases not asking their employees at all. Rather than asking employees how the business can make their roles more efficient – highly introspective view; why not ask these questions:

What can we do that would make customers happier?
What are the biggest challenges in being able to do the right thing for our customers?
If you were the customer, do you feel you receive good value with from the experience we provide?

There is a knowledge gap between organisations and their customers. There are also several layers of employees between the CEO and the Customer. Closing this gap can therefore, only be done in stages; one layer at a time. By seeking to understand how employees perceive the customer experience and mapping this against how customers perceive their experience, you can begin to identify the gaps and prioritise which ones to address first. Our employees are a font of knowledge, tapping into this synchronised with the voice of customer closes the customer experience gap!