Legislation Countdown


Legislation Countdown

The New Year will bring several changes to food legislation. The first is introduced on 1 January 2022. A ban on the use of Titanium Dioxide (E171) as a food additive.

This has been banned in France since 1 January 2020 and Spain has approved the European Commission’s proposal to ban the use of Titanium Dioxide (E171) from 2022.

Titanium Dioxide is a colourant used to brighten foods like – chewing gum, pastries, food supplements, soups and broths.

This ban is currently not in force in the UK, however if you plan to export goods to the EU your products will have to be reformulated before they are accepted into Europe.

Is your business ready?

01 January 2022 – Former Member States Ban on Titanium Dioxide

31 March 2022 – VAT Reduction Ends

01 April 2022 – HFSS Products New Legislation & Calories on Menus

01 April 2022 – Plastic Packaging Tax

01 October 2022 – New Food Labelling Laws Post Brexit

The Nutrient Gap is here to help you and your business transition smoothly as the new legislation is incorporated. Businesses affected by the (E171) ban include:

· Food Suppliers, especially those exporting to the EU

· Bakeries

· Cafes

· Restaurants

· Independent pubs in UK and the EU

There is also demands on the hospitality sector for more sustainability, with many consumers expecting businesses in the hospitality sector to engage in sustainable practises which is predicted to be the biggest problem food business will face over the next 10 years.

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