Kindness can go a long way! | Random Acts of Kindness Day


Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAK Day) and at Transitions UK, we pride ourselves in being kind to one another and helping those who need it the most.

So, we gladly share this message, on such an important day, to create a kinder world!

RAK Day was created by the Random Act of Kindness Foundation ( and was designed for the exact purpose of trying to create a kinder world.

They state ‘The work to create a kinder world never ends. There is no limit on the amount of goodness we can put into the world”

This is undoubtedly true!

It’s one of the most rewarding experiences to give back to someone and change their perspective on the day, week or even the year!

Some research from Dartmouth College for RAK ( found that witnessing acts of kindness can increase your love hormone, energy, happiness, life span, pleasure, and serotonin – All these important things that someone needs are increased, simply from sharing positivity!

So, we have decided to share some of our top ways that you can spread kindness – and not just for today!

1. Compliment someone
Something as simple as a compliment can brighten someone’s mood

2. Use your manners
Making sure you’re polite and to always say ‘Thank you’ even after a small gesture can make people feel much more appreciated

3. Check in on your family and friends
It’s always important to check on the people close to you, ask how they are, offer advice and let them know you are there for them. It can make that someone feel less alone and that they have people who care for them

4. Help an elderly person (carrying in shopping, walking their dog, having a conversation)
Sometimes people just need that extra helping hand to make their lives easier and you could be that someone. Even a simple conversation could help, especially if they are feeling lonely

5. Be generous
Share with others and show that you care for them and want them to have the same assets and opportunities as yourself

6. Gift giving
Something like this does not have to be expensive – simply grab some chocolate for your neighbour or even a bunch of flowers for that lady you see everyday

7. Donate unwanted items
That cupboard full of unused hats, gloves, blankets, coats – why not pack them up and donate them to someone who may need them such as a homeless person or give them to a charity.

8. Volunteer your time
This is something close to home with Transitions UK as we have many amazing volunteers who use their spare time to help and inspire others to create better lives and futures for themselves.

If this is something that you’re interested in and are wanting to make a real difference in young people’s lives, then head to to register today!

We, as a team, at Transitions UK will most definitely be spreading kindness around today and you can all do the same!

If you can be anything in this world – be kind!