Kerri’s Story

Our Adult & Child numeracy sessions have helped mother & son improve their confidence, mental health & number skills

Kerri Collins, a parent with a wavering confidence in mathematics, enrolled in our ‘Winning with Numbers’ sessions seeking not only academic improvement but also a boost in her self-assurance. With a history of struggling with complex mathematical concepts, Kerri approached the sessions with a mix of eagerness and apprehension.

In partnership with North Northamptonshire Council & Winning with Numbers we now support adults across parts of the county to develop confidence in their numeracy skills and enhance life opportunities.
By working closely within the NTFC schools’ network, we invite parents/carers to join us for a 10-week course to support their child’s development with a partnered organisation. ‘Winning With Numbers’ are an amazing online platform that bring numbers to life, the online platform supports child and parent through step-by-step learning tools.
As the sessions progressed, Kerri experienced a noticeable transformation. Engaging in interactive problem-solving activities and collaborative exercises, she not only improved her mathematical skills but also discovered further benefits to her family’s social life and mental health.
Kerri actively participated in group discussions and collaborative projects, gradually overcoming her initial hesitation. Through shared challenges and victories, a sense of camaraderie developed among the participants, with Kerri forming lasting bonds with peers who shared similar academic struggles.
The concluding phase of the ‘Winning with Numbers’ sessions saw Kerri not only mastering mathematical problems but also emerging as a more confident and resilient individual. The bonds formed during the sessions became a source of ongoing support for Kerri.
Ian Crow, Employability Officer at the Northampton Town Community Trust said:
“Kerri is a perfect example of the ‘Winning with Numbers’ programme. She has learnt valuable numeracy skills to support her son’s maths homework and academics but also as important to use for day-to-day life skills. Kerri has formed strong social relationships with other parents on the ‘Winning with Numbers’ course and we’ve rolled the programme on for longer than ten-weeks due to the high engagement from Kerri and the group. Kerri and the rest of the rest of the group are defiantly ‘Winning with Numbers’!”
Kerri herself added:
“I enjoy attending the weekly sessions with Ygor, I find it very beneficial. I take my son out of school each week to attend. It’s really helping him socialise and due to him having anxiety & ADHD, his mental health has improved so much, and we thoroughly enjoy it.”
Kerri’s journey through the ‘Winning with Numbers’ sessions exemplifies the programmes effectiveness in not only enhancing mathematical skills but also improving personal growth and meaningful connections.
The Winning with Numbers Project has also been nominated for the 2024 EFDN #MoreThanFootball Award.
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