Keeping it Simple

Here at The Ethical Car Wash we like to keep things simple, and safe.

The world has become so complicated and, in many ways, this complexity is just not needed.

We therefore embarked on a mission to find the best and simplest way to wash cars, so that our Technicians could deliver fantastic results for you, our customers, gain a skill, and become more confident to enter the workforce, becoming valuable members of the Northampton economy and society.

Teaming up with our supplier EcoMerchant we now use their “Fragile Earth” products for our work.

One product does the entire outside of the car, another the inside. That’s it. And some water of course. These products are totally environmentally safe too. It’s the responsible thing to do.

We’ve even reduced water usage to a minimum, using an average of just 25 litres per car.

So when it comes to wondering what we can do for our world, and those in it who need a helping hand, we’ve found a way of combining the two.

Which is pretty neat!