Is entering awards worth all the fuss? Our 6 top reasons!


Have you noticed, how many award competitions there are these days – there really seems to be an award for anything and everything. Is entering awards worth all the fuss?

As a business we all have to consider, are they worth all the time and expense to the business? And if so, with a flood of award competitions out there, does it actually undermine the validity of winning, in the end, if everyone is a winner?

While recognition for a job well done is deserving, are there other things than just winning that you gain or can take away from these submissions. Winners or not.

Here are our 6 top reasons, based on our opinion and experience, of the value of award competitions and events, whether your business should participate and what it could gain from your involvement.

“All publicity is good publicity.” Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

1. Previous experience entering, and of course, winning awards produces greater staff motivation. It grows the visibility of the business with clients and prospects, as well as, allowing staff to enjoy the success – a public pat on the back. Reinforcing our core value of “working together and winning together”, makes the staff proud, and this alone makes entering worthwhile.

“Instead of focusing on competitors, focus on the customer.” Scott Cook

2. Awards season doesn’t have to be just about you – it can be an opportunity to showcase your clients. It’s a great strategy. Opting to submit work undertaken for clients, is a great way of showcasing your accomplishments. By becoming the conduit for gaining clients greater recognition and success – the reward is reflected glory.

“It’s very often nothing but our own vanity that deceives us.” Jane Austin

3. The awards circuit often seems to be more about vanity than action. If approached correctly, the experience gained from winning awards will raise the prestige of the business. The value gained from completing the award application will offer insight that highlights the difference between “vanity metrics” (feels good) and “actionable metrics” (real intelligence).

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” English Proverb

4. Max Weber was the first to vocalise how nepotism can negatively affect a business. This remains true today. The most valued awards are those based on the ability to perform and not on the relationships they hold. While favouritism towards sponsors or existing connections are still prevalent – winning or even nomination still gains business credibility.

“Winning isn’t everything, but it beats anything that comes in second.” Paul Bryant

5. Everyone loves to win. It feels good to be recognised by our peers. Having been fortunate enough to win a number of prestigious national industry awards, we know the outcome offers some extremely positive PR, as well as, great exposure. It is difficult to quantify the ROI, but winning awards increases leads from new prospects and gains new business.

”All the world loves a winner…” Knute Rockne

6. Do awards matter when selecting an agency – and if so, just how much? The fact is some clients just love to work with a “winning team”. Therefore, attending awards can be an invaluable opportunity to expand your contacts and improve your brand awareness. With your name up in lights – you’re much more likely to leave a lasting impression.

We have won many awards in our 30 years of business and each one still brings the same excitement as the very first.

Vi is extremely proud to have received prestigious awards at a National level on more than one occasion. As a business we chose to specialise in high quality, bespoke projects, therefore to have our project work and our most valued clients acknowledged as ‘Best in Class’, is something we hold close to our hearts. It demonstrates what a special relationship we have with our clients and how this makes us ‘partners rather than suppliers’.

We fully support our clients in many ways. For those who enter our work into relevant industry awards, we can support them by providing detailed information for inclusion in the entry forms.

It’s a win-win!

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