In Introduction to SEO from New Chamber Member Ditto Digital


We are delighted to have recently joined the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce and wanted to share a little bit about what we do at Ditto Digital and why we’re passionate about the business-changing results we have achieved for our clients using our tried and tested SEO processes. Ditto Digital was established in 2009 and develops bespoke SEO campaigns that enable SMEs to reach national and international audiences.

In a world where all businesses need an online presence, there is plenty of competition for the top spots in Google so it can seem challenging for a business to improve their online visibility amongst competitors with similar offerings. Many businesses use Google Ads to drive visitors to their websites but pay-per-click advertising is an expensive option with a lower ROI and lower conversion rate than SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO can meet this challenge by not only increasing website visits but also increasing conversions, sales and leads with a higher ROI (Return-on-Investment) and higher conversion rate than from Pay-Per-Click Ads or social media.

SEO does this by using well-researched and well-written content to attract visitors who are specifically interested in what a business has to offer – not just generic details about products or services, but expert advice and knowledge. SEO delivers the right visitors – visitors with a strong buying intent.

The content used in an SEO campaign is not just based on traditional keywords but on solving problems, addressing pain points and providing information that reaches potential customers at different stages of the buying process. This is the type of content that also delivers long-term, compounding benefits for a business: building trust and credibility, and raising brand awareness. That’s why visitors convert at levels averaging 3 times as high as with pay-per-click Ads or social media traffic (according to figures from InsiderIntelligence).

Of course, it can take time to deliver results from an SEO campaign but along the way a business is benefiting from raising their reputation amongst their customer base.

Here’s why SEO is an investment in your business

Targeted growth

Detailed Keyword Research & Analysis will ensure your website appears higher in the Google search results. Convincing page titles and descriptions will be created to increase click-through rates so visitor numbers will be maximised. The SEO process also ensures visitors enter your website on a page highly relevant to their search so they immediately find what they are looking for.

Higher engagement rates

Optimising content to engage and convert visitors with high-quality information and persuasive Calls-To-Action will keep people on your website for longer. Google uses engagement rates to determine if your page is valuable and reward you with even higher rankings. This is the snowball effect created with good SEO.

Brand recognition

When your business appears on the first page of Google’s search results, it is seen to have more relevance and, thus, credibility. People’s perception of first-page organic search results is that they are more trustworthy because they haven’t simply paid for their position. So the more visible your content is, the more your brand will be recognised and trusted across a wider audience.

Better user experience

SEO and user experience are closely entwined. The easier your website is to navigate, the better the user experience. The SEO process will ensure the architecture and naming conventions of your website are optimised and that links within your website make content easy to find by people and search engines. Again, we see a snowball effect with SEO ensuring content to meet people’s demands is easily found; the people have a better experience and the search engines continue ranking your website highly.

National and international reach

SEO enables businesses to attract interest from beyond their local area. Some of the bespoke SEO campaigns we run a Ditto Digital enable SMEs with just one UK location to reach the whole of the UK and beyond – to places like France, Switzerland, Spain, Dubai, and Singapore. We have been working successfully with service-based businesses in a range of sectors for many years to expand their client base nationally and internationally.

If your business is not already using SEO as part of your digital marketing why not consider these benefits:

  • Convert more web visitors to customers
  • Improve the user experience for you customers
  • Build credibility and trust with online audiences
  • Expand nationally or internationally

See Ditto Digital for more information, get in touch for an informal chat on 01494 530233 or email us at