Improving Efficiency by Replacing your Price Sign Printer


For the food industry, plastic price sign printers provide high-quality, hygienic price tickets that look professional and improve your display counters. They can be changed and replaced when necessary, such as when advertising a new special, as price signs can be printed instantly when required.

As a price sign printer owner, although your printer will last several years, you may notice that your machine is reaching the end of its lifespan and needs upgrading.

Why would you upgrade your price sign printer?

There are a number of reasons to consider replacing your price sign printer. As with all aspects of business, it is advantageous to recognise the signs and take action before it becomes urgent or necessary.

Reduced quality of print

Over time, your print quality will reduce to a lower level than you are used to. This is down to wear and tear to the components of the printer, which is an inevitable part of using it to produce your price signs.

The internal rollers of your printer are made of rubber, and like all rubbers, over time, they will start to crack and become brittle. This affects the grip between the rubber roller and the card, which can cause the card to slip during the printing process and cause issues with the way the card has printed. These imperfections will continue to build up until the card is illegible.

Degraded rubber rollers can also lead to the printer being unable to pull the card in, meaning you cannot print price signs.

Once the rollers start to crack, the sharp edges can start to tear the printer ribbon causing a loss of time and a waste of consumables whilst you attempt to fix the problem.

New computer not compatible

Whether you have decided to replace your computer or have upgraded systems across your entire organisation, there is always a chance it won’t be compatible with your price sign printer. The likelihood of this happening is higher when the printer is starting to age, and the components of your system are no longer compatible.

Unable to be repaired

As with all items of machinery, after a period of time, they will need a level of maintenance and repair. Every electrical item has a lifespan; towards the end of this lifespan, the spare parts and consumables will become harder to source and more expensive. If you decide to continue with the older machine, parts will become less available until you are forced to replace the entire printer.

The benefits of replacing your printer

Although your price sign printer has become a regular part of your business, there are benefits to investing in a new machine.

Living in a post-pandemic world, it’s likely that businesses have seen a revival in footfall to brick-and-mortar locations. This means that you need to upgrade your visual marketing, and therefore there is a higher need for price sign printing than previously. In turn, the cards act as a quality branding method – the more customers that see your cards and products and then have a positive relationship with your business, are more likely to become return customers.

A quality card shows that your company pays attention to the details, especially in the food industry, where hygiene is vital. Care and attention get noticed in every aspect of your business.

Improve efficiency and sustainability

All businesses will continue to monitor expenses across the board and work out ways to reduce unnecessary expenses. Newer plastic card printers focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, and with rising energy prices, businesses are struggling to balance their budgets. A new, energy-efficient printer will help reduce the overall cost and usage of electricity and energy.

Why businesses choose plastic price signs

Plastic price cards are the ideal choice for the food industry as they offer many benefits. They look more professional than handwritten paper cards and are less likely to show signs of wear and tear, meaning they can be reused time and time again.

These cards can include branding, logos, and allergy information in a clear and concise manner.

A stained card looks unprofessional and can risk contaminating products. The paper is much more porous than plastic and will retain the smells of previous food items, making them unable to be reused and causing more work for the business.

Upgrading your plastic card printer

To make the most of your price sign printing, you need to upgrade to a newer price sign printer that offers up-to-date features.

The PriceCardPro Flex+ allows you to produce high-quality printed cards in less than 23 seconds, with full colour or monochrome printing available. Create price signs on a range of different size plastic cards that are entirely food-safe and scratch- and water-resistant.

The PriceCardPro Flex+ Counter Display bundle contains everything you need to get started, including the printer, PriceTag software to design price signs, 100 extended cards, 100 CR80 cards, and 1 white ribbon.

Food display stands

To create the perfect, uniform look across your display, we offer a range of price sign stands, pins and clips. Available in a range of different materials, all our price sign display accessories are food safe and hygienic, ideal for use with different types of food products.

To find out more about plastic price signs, please visit here or get in touch with a member of our expert team.