Improve Productivity in 2023?


Do you plan to Increase Productivity in the business during 2023?

With the UK having one of the lowest levels of productivity, it is an objective for many managers and businesses.

The challenge is how to make the increase in productivity, what can be changed to deliver the improvement.

There is plenty of theory and advice available about motivating teams of people so that they are engaged with the business activities in order that they utilise their best efforts deliver productive outcomes. If you are new to Productivity we have created an FAQ to address many questions.

At Ether Solutions our mission is to help improve Productivity in the UK. We know this cannot be done overnight, so we focus on practical changes that can deliver clear productivity benefits. By using Automation on repetitive tasks that occur in business processes clear benefits can be achieved that increase productivity.

This style of Automation is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It uses software robots (aka “Bots”) to perform the same tasks that an employee would perform.

The robots can simulate the activities that a person would when they do the tasks, namely:

  • Reading from a computer screen
  • Typing on a keyboard
  • Moving and clicking a mouse

The software robot performs the same task that a person would complete.

By automating the “Robotic” routine tasks from the worker’s activity, it frees time for the worker to concentrate on the exceptions, the unusual and other higher value tasks.

Productivity is improved as the amount of human effort to produce the same output is reduced. Yes, there is a resource cost to the software robots but this normally less than the cost of human workers. In fact when the robots are operated at near capacity the operating costs can be in the region of £2 per hour significantly less than a persons minimum wage!

Where employees have shown that working from home (WFH) is possible, it has highlighted that in many situations there are electronic inputs to the tasks they undertake and electronic outputs. This suggests that there is the potential to automate the tasks.

During remote working, staff often adjust their working day to suit their personal needs. When such adjustments are possible, it indicates there can be flexibility in the time for the process to be performed. When software robots are used, they have the potential to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This delivers a potential processing capability of 4.2 times that of a worker processing for 40 hours a week. This illustrates how improvements can be achieved and an increase in productivity can be obtained.

Not all tasks can be effectively automated. Sometimes the best improvements in productivity are achieved where software robots work in conjunction with people to gain the best of both skills. This is often seen as “Assisted Automation” or “Human in the Loop” processing.

Please contact us to discuss your potential to increase productivity through the use of automation. Together we can help the UK improve its productivity rating.


Ether Solutions are specialists at using software robots to
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