If you’re in business, you’re building a brand. But what is a brand?


A brand is the average of your audience’s opinion of you.

It’s your reputation on an individual basis and it lives in the heart and mind of your customer.

How your customer or audience come to know you can be limitless;

• Brochures, advertising, radio ads or flyers, etc.

• Uncontrollable interactions like a referral, an online review.

• A helpful or frustrating exchange during a phone call to your team.

• Your website and how it presents the perfect solution to a problem they didn’t realise they had.

• The topics of content you have published on your social media channels and blog.

Regardless, an impression is building.

You’re being sussed out on what you stand for as a business.

What they think you’re like to deal with, what value you offer and how you treat people like your staff.

“If you’re in business, you’re building a brand.”

Your business’s audience care if you reflect their own values, now more than ever.

This is especially true if you are competing in a crowded market or offer similar services or products.

When people can’t identify a clear difference between comparable products, they turn to other differentiating factors such as branding.

Without a clear strategy for your brand, you’re leaving your customer to make their mind up in the hope that what makes you unique cuts through.

Hope is not a strategy.

If you don’t really know what you represent, where you’re going or what value you bring to your customers, how do you expect them to work it out?

Planning and defining your brand is greatly beneficial for your business both short and long term.

It helps align your teams, drive your marketing department and attract customers who think as you do.

Building your brand is about more than looking pretty;

• It’s about setting a goal for growth.

• It’s about positioning your business in a unique space with the least competition.

• It’s about making your service or product a distinctive choice.

A brand clearly communicates who you are, what you do and how you do things to help customers make their minds up.

Having a clear brand in mind helps you to consistently do this.

If you are consistent, you will be authentic; “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.”.

It’s about being honest rather than fabricating something.

It’s about being more than just your product, features or pricing.

It’s about getting to the bedrock of who, what, and why you’re here and how you change the life of your customer for the better.

Putting them first.

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