Howden Insurance Northampton sleep out for The Hope Centre

Last year, we immersed ourselves in the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness, dedicating our efforts to supporting the exceptional work of Hope Centre Northampton. Encountering the difficulties firsthand was indeed challenging, but the impact was profound and transformative.

This year, fueled by a shared passion for community support, we’ve committed to this journey once again. On the cold and potentially wet night of February 3rd, our dedicated team at Howden Northampton, including members Lee Holmes, Sarah Ewen, Sophie Ticehurst, Tilly Marshal-Waters, Kayleigh Bennett, and Lewis Ellis, will courageously tread the streets alongside fellow community members.

While the full extent of the experience might elude us, what we do understand is the extraordinary impact of Hope Centre’s work, and we aim to express our heartfelt appreciation. Here’s the thrilling part: Howden has pledged to match every donation made to our fundraiser! Your support holds immense value to us.

Join us in making a difference by contributing to our fundraiser. Each donation contributes to ensuring that Hope Centre sustains its invaluable efforts in our community. We genuinely appreciate any support you can provide. To contribute, please visit our GoFundMe link: [](

Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need within our community.