How to Use a Tiny House as an Extra Income Generator 💷

If you are thinking about investing in a tiny house, you might be wondering about the various options they provide for extra income generation.

Tiny houses are becoming an increasingly popular and versatile option for bringing in some extra money; in this blog we will explore some of the best options to help you work out what might be the right choice for you.

Generate extra income by renting out your tiny house for short stays, weekend breaks, and summer holidays.

This is one of the most popular ways to bring in a little extra money with your tiny house.
You will need to check out the rules and regulations for where you can put your tiny house and how long people can stay for. The rules differ according to where you are in the world but are easy enough to understand with a little Googling.

It’s a good idea to maximize the extra income you can generate with your tiny house by expanding your marketing outside of Airbnb. Short stays can also be advertised on Facebook groups, Instagram, and other social media.

Get creative to reach new and diverse kinds of people, or ‘market segments’

Make a point of highlighting the special experiences your guests can have whilst they stay in your holiday tiny house.

Get nifty with TikTok (it’s not as scary as it seems) to make some engaging mini reels showcasing the best spots for curling up with a hot cup of cocoa for a festive break, or the beautiful woodland walks your guests could go on nearby, the gardens they could enjoy, or the beautiful meals they could make in your tiny house kitchen.

The benefits of telling a story about your tiny house on social media are huge; it’s free and your audience is potentially enormous.

Some careful research into the best hashtags to use on your content will help to direct the right people to your page, based on, for example your location, or the type of experience your tiny house offers. More on that below.

Some of the most successful tiny house holiday experiences appeal to people because a full brand experience has been thoughtfully crafted around the home, expanding the offering to include more than just the house itself.

  • Is your tiny house a high-end luxury stay, what can you emphasize to showcase the luxury experience you are offering?
  • Is your focus on the impressive sustainability and green tourism credentials of your stay? Know who you are aiming to serve and emphasize the benefits those folks care the most about; completely off grid power, dry composting toilet, a living green roof?
Don’t be shy to get loud and proud about the unique experiences you and your tiny home offer.

Use your tiny home as your side hustle studio or office.

Do you dabble in graphic design on the side? Perhaps you knit jumpers for dogs or love to cut hair, or maybe you have a passion for growing exotic plants. The possibilities are endless!

A tiny house provides a beautiful, private place for you to fully engage with your entrepreneurial appetites. Whether you use your tiny home as an office for your full time job or as a designated place to focus on your side hustle, it can bring huge benefits to have a separate place outside of your living space which is used for one specific purpose.

Having a clearly demarcated place where you can go to focus on your passion projects can provide that vital uninterrupted time where the money-making ideas have time and
space to come to fruition.

Your tiny home can also be fitted with the bespoke apparatus and tools that your projects require; the yarn for your puppy jumpers, the hair dyes and scissors for your salon, or the UV lights and humidifiers that let your exotic plants thrive.

If you are ready to take the next step toward diversifying your income streams and investing in a tiny house to generate some extra income, a member of our team will be happy to talk to you about the tiny eco home models that will best fit your needs.