How to take good strong images


Thinking of making your story stand out from the crowd, it will need good images which are interesting and striking.

Not everyone has a DSLR camera but a camera on your phone can be utilised to produce a thought provoking image.

However if you just need a good headshot for a profile picture then read on.

Look at the subject (eg a person) look at where the light is, it would need to be either side on or front on to light some of the face or all of the face.

Stand a little distance away and zoom in so you are using a telephoto lens not a wide angle lens, this would distort the nose and make it look huge, which is not what you want.

Once you have framed the head to fill the frame with the sun lighting the face, talk to the person you are photographing to either relax them or make them smile, then hold your camera phone really still and press the button.

You should have a well lit, nicely composed headshot for their profile picture, if not try again until you are happy with the result.

This picture was taken on an iPhone with the sun to one side, for a headshot I would have needed to get in closer to the head using the zoom function.