How to Stay Safe in the Workplace with Hi-Viz Equipment


As the weather gets darker during autumn and winter seasons, the risk of accidents occurring within the workplace naturally increases due to low-light weather conditions. High-Visibility workwear and accessories are dominantly used in businesses which require their workers to work later in the day, or in vulnerable environments to ensure they are visible to those around them. As a result, many organisations and their employees are obliged by the law to utilise Hi-Viz workwear and undergo work safety guidelines to ensure general safety in the workplace.

 Stay safe with hi-viz equipment

Whether it be an office, club, school or construction site, dark weather can expose many to accidents or unsafe circumstances, but with the addition of Hi-Viz equipment you can reduce the likeliness of an unfortunate event and enhance safety within the workplace

Custom Reflective lanyards

 ID Card Centre reflective lanyards

For those in the education industry who tend to run group excursions with young students outside the school premises, Hi-Viz lanyards are designed with a reflective material strip which makes sure your students are visible to drivers when walking on dark roads. These lanyards come in a variety of colours and can be personalised with a unique logo, image, or text to help differentiate students who belong to different schools or year groups.  

Our customisable reflective lanyards are equipped with a high-quality health & safety breakaway lanyard in case it gets caught onto something, but it can also be easily clipped together. These measure 2cm wide and 45 cm long therefore can be used for any age group above the age of 6 and over.

Tip: Not only should teachers attach their ID Cards to their reflective lanyards but it’s a convenient place to keep your keys!

Reflective Armbands

Hi-Viz armbands are popularly used in the security industry for various reasons like how the scotchlite reflective material of reflective security armbands make the user more visible to others in low-light conditions, and they’re usually built with a transparent badge holder which ID cards can be kept in.

These waterproof armband badge holders can be used in membership clubs or school sports clubs because they are a great alternative to reflective jackets or reflective lanyards as the armbands are lightweight and less likely to reduce sports performance. These reflective armbands are also a convenient place to keep locker keys or perhaps important items like credit cards or a mobile phone which a sports student or club member would not feel comfortable leaving behind.  

 Reflective armband suitable for security industry

Like reflective lanyards, credit-card sized ID cards can be used alongside high-visibility armbands and can be used to identify a worker or club member to ensure the user is safe in case an accident occurs, for example, if an event worker or runner gets into an accident, the cards are visible, easily accessible and can provide vital emergency details such as an individual’s contact details and medical information. A great idea would be to personalise your cards with your organisation’s brand to further ensure whom the user is associated with and it also brings further exposure to your brand.

As much as these armbands help keep you visible during the night, the waterproof transparent material enables you to use printed paper ID cards as an alternative to plastic ID cards and are washing machine friendly – perfect for workers who would like to re-use their armbands and event organisers who have a tight budget.

High-visibility Membership PVC Cards

 Yellow reflective ID card

 From membership cards, emergency identity cards, to staff ID cards, reflective PVC cards ensure you’re seen when outside in the dark. Reflective PVC cards can be a great asset to your workwear, as they are versatile since they can be used with many accessories including, reflective lanyards, high-visibility armbands and can add a splash of colour to your brand’s cards.

These cards are suitable for printing block shapes and text in monochrome print hence can be personalised to fit your branding, please contact us on 01604 422422 to see whether your designs are suitable for these cards.

Emergency ID sticker 

 In case of emergency ID sticker

Emergency ID stickers are a vital accessory to staying safe in high-risk workplaces including construction sites. This Hi-Viz safety accessory consists of a helmet-safe adhesive that can be applied to hard hats, workwear helmets, harnesses and much more. The design allows you to keep your personal details private and allows you to access the information without repositioning the user’s body or their helmet. The 3M scotch lite reflective material conveniently allows medical staff to quickly identify the location of the sticker and recognise the “Star of Life” medical symbol in dark environments which medical responders can then remove when in an emergency.     

The sticker itself and the card which contains the owner’s details are durable and waterproof – perfect for workplaces situated outside. See how you can get a hold of these In Case OF Emergency worker ID stickers here.

For any further information about our Hi-Viz equipment simply call us on 01604 422422 or email to ensure you’re safe in the workplace during the upcoming winter season.