How To Sell Gift Cards


How To Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect way to keep spend within your business – but what can you do to make the most out of them?

Gift card display

Selling gift cards is easy. It all begins with making sure you have a countertop gift card display. How are customers going to know about your gift cards if they are hidden away under the shop counter?

Investing in a countertop gift card display stand for your gift cards is a game changer. You can place your gift card display right on the shop counter, encouraging last minute impulse purchases from your customers. Another great benefit of this is that it gives your cashiers opportunity to upsell and promote them at the tills. Asking customers directly and adding that small amount of pressure increases the chances of a gift card sale.

When displaying your gift cards, investing in some attractive gift card carriers can have a great benefit on your sales. You could go for standard gift card carriers with generic designs, including standard occasions and Christmas, – or, to offer your customers even more of a bespoke touch, you could invest in some custom branded gift card carriers.

Branded gift card carriers make your gift cards look professional and high quality. This is important as if customers are purchasing a gift card as a present for friends and family, they will want only the best quality as the gift needs to look thoughtful.

Selling seasonal gift cards

A great time to promote your gift cards is before and during the holiday season. You could purchase some separate gift cards with your same branding, but give it a theme for the holidays. For example, you may have some gift cards with festive themes, such as snowflakes or Christmas trees, for the Christmas season.

If you advertise these on your holiday-themed countertop gift card display, you can draw in the customer’s attention, and spark reminders about a gift they need to buy. Seasonal gift cards and gift card carriers have more of a theme and more of a meaning, which is why they are perfect for driving your sales.

We also offer a range of standard, generic gift card carriers, including Christmas themed ones. Having these options available enable you to promote your gift cards for the present-giving season, a prime time for your gift card sales.

E-gift cards

Having the option for an e-gift card can be more attractive to your customers. It reduces the risk of theft or loss, and customers will have their gift card on an app to use at any time. Our gift card app means if you have access to a tablet or phone with a camera and Wi-Fi connection in store, you can easily scan the QR code on the customer’s phone. This makes it easy for customers to redeem or load up their e gift card.

Selling gift cards is an easy way to ensure spend remains within your business, and it can bring you independent business many benefits.

If you need more advice about gift cards, please contact a member of our team who will be delighted to provide you with more information.