How to Increase Gift Card Sales in Retail


A study by First Data showed that 51% of people were encouraged to visit a shop more often when they have been given a gift card, which highlights why gift cards are one of the best ways for a retailer to increase sales.

Any business not offering gift cards is sitting on a goldmine of untapped potential. However, only offering gift cards isn’t enough to increase profits. A retailer needs their gift cards to benefit their customers, as well as their business, and they need to let their customers know that their gift cards exist! Whether you own a clothes, furniture or food store, if you offer helpful gift cards and promote them well, you can increase your gift card sales.

Boosting gift card sales doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be easy, if you know how…

Here are 6 ways to increase your gift card sales:

1. Increase Visibility

When a person is buying a gift they’re looking for the perfect present, but that is the key: they’re looking. Your store’s gift cards could be the best option available, but people won’t buy them if they don’t know they exist.

That’s why shops should promote their gift cards so their customers know about them. The simplest and most effective way is to make your gift cards visible in store. High-traffic areas of your shop are the ideal place to do this. Feature a display at the point of sale system, by the most popular products, or at entrances and exits.

With non-intrusive in-store marketing, you can promote your gift cards to customers who want them. This not only increases the shop’s revenue but helps out consumers looking for a gift. If you increase the visibility of your gift cards, both your business and your customers will benefit.

2. Incentivise Purchases

Offer gift cards to customers who spend a certain amount in store. This allows you to reward them for their purchase, which could create loyalty towards your shop in the future and also increases people’s awareness of your gift cards.

You can use gift cards as incentives for a variety of things, for example, if a customer refers a friend who makes a purchase, you could offer them a gift card as a reward. You could also do this for customers who sign up for an email newsletter or follow you on social media. This is a great way to boost your gift card sales while benefiting other aspects of your business.

Doing this creates repeat customers organically, as they return to redeem their gift card and customers are also more likely to make additional purchases on top of the gift card amount.

72% of people spend more than the value on their gift cards when shopping. This is why, even though you’re giving gift cards to customers, you can begin to increase your profits.

3. Use Email Marketing and Social Media

Your shop can be more than a physical location. Using social media you can connect with customers online. This will help create people loyal to your business, attract new customers, and develop a community around your brand. Your social media channels are also a great place to promote your in-store gift cards and potential store incentives.

As well as using gift cards as incentives to sign up for your email newsletter, you can use email marketing to promote your gift cards. Emails are a simple way to communicate directly with customers. They allow you to send target offers and promotions relevant to your customers.

Like all forms of marketing, don’t be intrusive or overwhelming. Be helpful. Promote your gift cards to customers when they want them. For instance, a time your customers are guaranteed to want gift cards is during the holidays, which leads us on to the next point:

4. Holiday and Event Promotions

Christmas is the most popular time of year for gift cards. Potential customers are going to be on the lookout for the perfect gift for their family and friends throughout winter and maybe even autumn. This gives you an incredible opportunity to promote your gift cards to people who need them.

It isn’t only Christmas, throughout the year there are so many holidays people need gifts for. Mother’s day, Father’s day and Valentine’s day are all great times to push promotions and offers. Creating promotions based around people buying gift cards as birthday presents is a year-round tool that could increase your sales dramatically.

Selling gift cards as Christmas gifts can also ease the drop in trade that happens in January and February. You could use this post-Christmas period as an opportunity. Create extra offers for people spending their gift cards during this time. This will encourage them to make further purchases and help you to develop a loyal customer base.

5. Speak to Customers

It’s important to be proactive promoters. A customer who doesn’t know about a store’s gift card program won’t ask about it. Ask your staff to suggest your gift cards and talk about the latest promotions and offers.

Of course, not everyone will be interested, but some customers will and they’ll be grateful that the staff highlighted the gift cards to them. This is also a great way to create loyal customers who will return to your shop again and again.

6. Personalise your Gift Cards

You could have the best promotional tools available, but if your gift cards don’t offer good value, people won’t buy them. One way to make them stand out in a crowded market is by offering personalisation.

When someone is buying a gift, they want it to be unique. This is the same when they’re buying a gift card. Custom gift card printing is the perfect way to create vibrant designs that attract consumers’ attention.

Having your store’s own bespoke gift card designs gives them a personal touch. If something is unique, it makes it special and more likely to be given as a gift. You can also do this with gift card holders.

But to create the perfect bespoke gift cards for your business, you need the right company and that’s where our team can help you…

Gift Card Systems

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