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How to get through your first Winter on two-wheels

For some of you, this year may be your first-time riding on two-wheels in the Winter months and you might be finding it a bit of a challenge. However, with a little preparation and the right safety measures, you still can have an enjoyable experience whilst making the most of your two-wheeled transport.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the Winter season on your scooter:

Dress appropriately

Layer up with thermal undergarments, a windproof armoured jacket, waterproof trousers, and warm protective gloves. You must wear a helmet that meets British safety standards, but it is also worth investing in a balaclava or a neck gaiter to protect your face from the cold.

Check your Tyres

Regularly check the tread and pressure of your tyres.

Maintain your bike

Keep an eye on your bike’s battery, lights, brakes, and oil. Cold temperatures can affect the battery performance so it may also be worth investing in a booster pack for those chilly nights, especially if your bike is kept outside.

Slow down and increase following distance

Winter roads can be slippery so adjust your riding style accordingly. Reduce your speed, especially when turning or braking, and leave extra space between you and other vehicles.

Be mindful of road conditions

Be aware of black ice, which is difficult to spot but extremely dangerous. Avoid riding on snowy or icy roads whenever possible.

Plan your routes

Choose well-travelled roads that are more likely to be cleared of snow and ice. Avoid shortcuts or unfamiliar routes that might have unpredictable conditions.

Be visible

Use reflective gear, lights, and reflectors on your bike to improve visibility, especially during the shorter daylight hours.

Watch the weather forecast

Stay informed about upcoming weather conditions and plan your trips accordingly. If a storm is predicted, it’s best to avoid riding altogether.

Anticipate other road users

Be cautious of drivers who may not be accustomed to sharing the road with a scooter rider during winter. Stay alert and watch out for any erratic behaviour from other vehicles.

Consider heated gear

If you plan on riding frequently during winter, then investing in gear such as heated grips, jackets, or gloves can significantly improve your comfort.

And finally …

Remember, safety should always be your top priority. As a rider, you are much more vulnerable than those in cars and lorries. If the conditions are too severe, it’s best to wait for it to pass or consider alternative transportation options.

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