How to get funded, tailored training for your business in 2021


Looking for funded training courses for businesses?

Well, the Skills Support for the Workforce Scheme is a government scheme designed to do just that and specifically for businesses like yours.

With this scheme, business owners can get free funded tailored training that will help them grow their company and make more money!

Put simply the government is offering funded training courses for businesses.

In fact, there’s a wide range of funded training courses on offer; everything from social media to Leadership and Management qualifications.

“SSW is all about helping small-to-medium-sized employers turn their business growth plans into reality“, Steve Hayward, Project Lead Digital Future First.

Steve went on to say, this is achieved by upskilling their existing workforce, with recognised accredited qualifications and bespoke training courses to enhance skills.

The Skills Support for the Workforce programme is co-financed by the Education & Skills Funding Agency and the European Social Fund.

So how does it work?
It is a tailored service designed to meet your business needs and offers a wide range of skills training, qualifications and networking opportunities to support workplace success, including;

A training needs analysis for your business,
Flexible training/On-the-job vocational training,
Access to Vocational Qualifications,
Learning pathways for your employees,
Access to a range of recognised accredited qualifications.

Why’s this important to me?
Businesses can get free funded tailored training that will help them grow their company and make more money!
This scheme was designed specifically for businesses like yours in mind.
The Skills Support the Workforce Scheme has helped thousands of businesses across England so far.

How can Digital Future First help?
Our advisors will work with you to identify skills gaps in your workforce, recommend bespoke funded training plans that will provide the skills you and your team need.

We only work with approved local training providers to design a customized training plan for you.

Whatever your business goals, the importance of training can’t be understated.

You can access bespoke funded training courses, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Read on for more details on eligibility.

Am I eligible for free funded training?
The following eligibility criteria apply for anyone accessing support through Skills Support for the Workforce:

The workplace must be a safe learning environment
The learner has to be employed by the organisation (or self-employed)
The learner has to be eligible to work in the UK – evidence will be required
The learner must be aged 16+ (no upper age restriction)
The training has to be delivered within the LEP region and by one of the contracted SSW Training Providers
We’ll then work with you to find the right funded training courses for you and your team.

To access support from Digital Future First, your business must be located in the SEMLEP region.

What if I am outside the SEMLEP region?
All of the funded training courses for businesses are available nationally, so it’s not all bad news.

To find out more about the available support in your region visit your local Growth Hub once on the site simply, select your region’s Growth Hub from the menu and follow the link to your local Growth Hub website where you can register your interest to talk to a Growth Advisor, who will help you access the funded courses.

How do I get started?
It all begins with the registration process you will be asked if you would like to meet with an advisor, this is your opportunity to get a free needs assessment to find out how government support can help you grow your business.

Visit to register your business today!

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