How to encourage clients to spend more with you..


By the time clients have completed our ‘GROW – Spend’ module they have learnt some great insights into three key areas covering how to encourage clients to spend more with them.

Firstly, we look at pricing points, when to increase prices and run promotions.

Secondly, we cover Cross/Up-sell methods, including how to set higher margins and increase clients ‘basket size’.

Finally, we discuss sales checklists and clients learn how to grab opportunities and minimise mistakes.

Our simple but very effective methods lead loyal clients to describe our Business Waterwheel™, as the most comprehensive, effective, and easy-to-use tool for rapidly and sustainably growing their business.

So, if guaranteed growth is what you are looking for, talk to me about the programme. I guarantee your business will grow, or we’ll hand back every penny we haven’t earned.

For full details, visit our website then book a free discovery call and let’s get started.

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