How The Inn Collection Group simplified Invoice Processing for Multi-Entities


Businesses that operate many entities on their Sage 200 finance system can find invoice processing challenging, especially those with a manual and paper-based process as this is prone to error. This was particularly evident at The Inn Collection Group where each of their inns operates as a separate legal entity with its own purchase ledger.
With rapid growth by acquisition, following 8 more inns being acquired in 2020 and more planned for 2021, the increasing volume of invoices and identifying centrally which entity each invoice belonged to was becoming a time-consuming process. Their manual paper-based system made invoice processing even more difficult, so the search to automate the process began here.
However, this did not come without its challenges as finding an automated solution that seamlessly dealt with a multi-entity environment was difficult until they discovered Invu Verify.
Simplifying Invoice Processing for Multi-Entities
Invu Verify allows supplier invoices for each entity to be sent to one central email address where the correct entity is then automatically identified based on data held within Sage 200. This eliminates any manual error. This was also a key differentiator in the decision for The Inn Collection Group to move forward with Invu Verify as other providers required separate email addresses for each entity, which could easily become unmanageable with further acquisitions of new inns.
With a constant change in the number of entities and new suppliers frequently being used at each inn, The Inn Collection Group now have a scalable invoice processing platform which makes adding new suppliers and entities to the system a quick and easy process while speeding up invoice processing.
Jeremy Barber, Purchase Ledger Administrator at The Inn Collection Group, has saved a lot of time from automating the process, saying, “Before month-end, I can get a significant number of invoices posted to Sage 200 the day before in the space of an hour, compared to a whole day’s work beforehand.’’
Invu Verify also facilitates future business growth and distributed invoice approval. Visit our website to read more of their story.