How Should You Take Care of Your Pet When The Time Comes


“You cannot share your life with a dog or a cat and not know perfectly well that animals have personalities and minds and feelings.” – By Jane Goodall

We’ve shared this quote before by Jane Goodall but it bears repeating.

Here at Pet Divine, we couldn’t agree more. Once you get to know a pet, there is no doubt that they are more than their breed/species with distinct personalities and traits. Thus, when they are gone from our lives, we do not want to forget them

There are many ways of remembering your pet from burial, taxidermy, cremation, photos, taking a pawprint to even incorporating their fur or ash in bespoke or off the shelf memorial jewellery. We mentioned in a Facebook post one simple way such as using their watering bowl as a plant pot. Having a living reminder of a pet is a wonderful visual memento of their life.

Whatever way you decide, will be the right way for your pet.

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