Have you updated your passwords recently?


….One thing alot of us forget about on a day-to-day basis is maintaining strong and unique passwords.

It’s so easy just to think, “Oh I’ll use the same password as my email account” or “I’ll use a simple password to remember for now and update it another day.”

Please DON’T do this!

Once the criminals are in amongst your details, the reality is, is that they could finish your business.

By following these three easy steps you’ll be making it extremely difficult for cyber criminals to guess them.

– Choose three random words, numbers AND symbols
– NEVER re-use your password over multiple accounts
– Update your passwords regularly

(There are plenty of secure password manager apps out there if you are worried about remembering all of your passwords)

The cyber threat is real, but if we all take the precautionary measures it will be much easier to outsmart the cyber criminals!

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