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Have We Forgotten The Men in Menopause?

“What about the Men in Menopause”?


While exploring the theme of men’s mental health, I encountered a less-discussed issue when a friend confided in me about his partner’s struggles with menopause. Despite sensing his discomfort and distress, the focus remained on his partner’s challenges rather than his own. This raised the question of whether through the heightened concern for women’s support during menopause, “have we forgotten the Men in Menopause”.

A survey by the Family Law Menopause Project and Newson Health Research and Education shows that a staggering 73% of surveyed women attribute relationship failure to menopause. This places an undeniable burden on partners, again prompting the question: Is there adequate provision for men to discuss effective emotional management, comprehend the concept of menopause, and discover optimal ways to support their partners while navigating the menopausal journey?

Recognising the challenges men may face in discussing this sensitive matter, leaves us considering who can they confide in, and who educates them. When partners gain a deeper understanding of this complex journey, it not only facilitates open communication between the two parties but also contributes to mutual support, making the experience more manageable for both individuals involved.

Creating a space for dialogue and empathy which can foster a stronger connection between partners during this complex and often overlooked aspect of life, may lower the chances of relationship breakdown.

It would be valuable to receive insights from men who have supported their partners through this journey. Please share your experiences in the comments to offer support and guidance to others.

Additionally, I’m curious to hear from any Menopause Champions who extend their support to partners in this context. Your input is appreciated.