Happy New Year 2022


Colour of the month

Our colour of the month is vibrant and inviting deep orange packs with a punch of optimism and hope. 

We have chosen our beautiful orange pheasant with a white background cotton fabric purchased from our local fabric shop here in the heart of Northamptonshire. Since our material has orange and white, we do not need to blend it with other colours.

Orange shades in a home are a great choice – they bring an uplifting feel during the daytime and in the evening, they also bring in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. 

This shows how versatile the colour is in different lights. We are going to be making handmade lampshades with this fabric. The lampshades can be used as ceiling pendants, hallway décor or table lampshades. 

We are also going to be making cushions and door stoppers matching the lampshade.

Caz Interiors.