Gift Card Carriers and Countertop Display


As with all of your products, gift cards must be displayed in your shop in a way that is attractive and eye-catching to customers. Gift cards are ideal products to offer, as they are a popular choice for presents at Christmas and on special occasions, and they are low-effort to you – and sometimes even low value, if any money is left unspent.

Selling gift cards can also allow you to capitalise on impulse purchases, but do so, you must market your gift cards in the right way. This can be achieved by putting your gift cards in gift card carriers and using countertop gift card display stands and racks.

What are gift card carriers?

Custom gift card carriers

Gift card carriers, sometimes called sleeves, wallets or holders, are accessories that help you to display your gift cards in a more attractive manner.

With a design printed onto 300gsm silk board, gift card carriers are sturdy and can feature either your custom design or a standard image depending on your requirements. They offer a bespoke touch to your gift cards and can feature a space for a gift message, so your customers can really personalise their gift.

Our standard gift card holders are ideal for all occasions. Featuring a festive-inspired full colour design, our Christmas gift card carriers are perfect for the holiday season. With two machine-pressed creases that fold to close the carrier, the inside features two half-moon cut outs that hold plastic gift cards securely in place.

Reward-It’s gift card sleeves are also perfect for other occasions, such as birthdays. Available in packs of 25, our gift card carriers are ideal for displaying your gift cards and adding a professional touch.

We also offer matching gift cards and carriers featuring a standard design, so you can set up your gift card system and start selling them straight away. We will simply print your logo onto the reverse of the card next to the unique QR code and send them out for next day delivery.

If you’d prefer something more personal, we provide a UK-based gift card holder printing service.

Our custom gift card carriers allow you to choose a type of holder and add your own custom design. These are perfect if you want to match your printed gift cards and add your logo and shop’s branding onto your carriers. If you don’t already have a design in place, Reward-It’s expert printing team can help you to create artwork that suits your business perfectly.

Gift card countertop display

gift cards inside 8 compartment gift card display

To easily display your gift cards and carriers in your shop, we recommend using a gift card countertop display. They should be placed close to your till to take advantage of impulse purchases.

Display stands come in a range of materials and colours, so you can make the most of your counter space.

Our acrylic display stands have eight tiered compartments where you can place gift cards, or you can choose an eco-friendlier option in our sturdy cardboard display stands, which come in different colours (black, white, and kraft brown). Featuring a blank space at the top, you can brand your display stand with stickers and other decorations.

We also have wire postcard stands, which are ideal for displaying gift cards. Featuring a clip at the top, you can add a small poster featuring your branding to catch the eye of customers.

Display stands, along with gift card carriers, can help to boost sales of your gift cards and therefore increase revenue and expand your customer base.

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