Getting Your Countertop Display Christmas Ready!


 Get Your Counter Display Christmas Ready

During the run-up to Christmas, there are plenty of things that retailers need to be thinking about. As Christmas gets closer, you’ll have more important things to sort than your food display counter, so get it sorted soon before the Christmas rush! With plastic printed price signs, your counter display will look neat and tidy without the stress.

Price display signs are made of durable plastic with printed text and icons, perfect for displaying all the necessary information about your food products. They are scratch- and heat-resistant, so you can use them time and time again, and they’re also completely food-safe.

They eliminate the need for you to hand write and laminate each price sign, along with making your counters look more professional. You can use price tag sign software to design them how you want, including things like the name of your product, a short description, your logo, allergen icons, and more.

 Christmas theme price signs

With dedicated desktop printers, you can print your own price signs at just the click of a button. There are several types of price sign printers, featuring different card sizes that allow you to include more information, but all produce effective price signs for your display counter.

If you don’t have the time to print your own price signs or just need a small quantity, our in-house printing bureau can do them for you. We offer a full design and print service along with a quick turnaround – and we deliver nationwide.

All you need to do is choose the card size and colour you want, decide on a print colour, and then let us know the information you want to be printed using the template provided. Once you’ve approved the artwork, they’ll be with you within 3-5 working days.

Promotional toppers for price signs

 Price sign and price sign topper

Struggling for the space to include all the information you want on your shop display price signs? Our promotional toppers are perfect for communicating information to your customers without taking up valuable card space. Want your customers to know that your sausages are award-winning? Reward-It has promotional toppers perfect for that.

You can convey a range of information, such as where the product is sourced from, whether it’s low in fat, if it’s on offer, and much more. They also come in different colours and sizes.

Display stands for price signs

 Display stand and price sign

To finalise your shop’s display counter, display your price signs with holders, stands, and pins. They help to easily present your price cards to customers and make them easily readable.

You can get a range of different display stands, depending on what product you’ll be using them with. For example, if you’re a wine and spirit retailer and want to display price signs on your products, our bottleneck tag holders are perfect. They have a hinge so you can choose the angle you desire.

Metal pins can display your price signs for food items like bread, meat, and cheese, so you can display the information without taking up any more counter space. They’re food-safe and durable so you don’t need to worry about contamination or hygiene.