Five top reasons to overhaul your brand


Whenever there are major changes in your company, it’s time to re-evaluate your brand.

Branding is the most effective strategy any business can employ to engage its target consumer. This will not only improve its aesthetics but enhance its core value proposition or pricing strategy and ultimately increase sales and revenue.

Here are our top 5 reasons to consider a revamp:

1. Your customer base has changed.
The biggest advantage of a refresh is your new look brand can be designed and repositioned to reach new customers. Therefore it’s advised that you create customer personas to help you better understand your core target groups and what they want.

Reflect on your ideal markets, to ensure your brand speaks to your audience. Focus on new aspects – new products or services, new market sectors, then with the correct promotion, you will gain more awareness with your target prospects.

Rebranding, if well implemented and promoted, will create growth in, new and existing markets.

2. You have a dated look.
Some brands are simply unable to withstand the test of time. A rebranding exercise will take the best elements of your existing brand and repackage it to attract new customers. Evolution not revolution.

Design trends play a major part in everything we do. Keeping ahead of the curve says a lot about your business. It shows you main your business, keep up to date and this will reflect in how your company is perceived by customers.

3. Your product or service has changed.

If you have a new product offer or your service offer has expanded. It might be that your strategy needs to include a new set of business goals.

In this case, you may require a new brand design or brand shift to reflect these changes, this could include introducing ‘sub-brands?

Once in place, your new brand will need to be supported in your marketing strategy. And just as your company never stands still, your branding will need to be revisited periodically to reflect the changes in the business.

4. To set the business apart from its competitors.

As a business grows, its capabilities will begin to directly compete with others in your industry – competitors.

Rebranding is the most effective way to set your business apart. Differentiating your brand will underpin your knowledge and that you are experts, offer proof of capability and professionalism and importantly make you stand out and be unique in the market.

Rebranding your company to have its own voice, look, and feel will help establish your business as an industry leader with a personality that appeals to your audience.

5. You have expanded your business

Importantly a brand that was good enough for you as a small company often doesn’t have the correct elements to be effective on a much larger scale.

Technological advances – advances in technology may mean that your business must operate differently. You might want to consider animating your logo or simplifying it for use on your website or across social media.

If you have moved location, you will need to update your marketing collateral. This may be the opportunity you need to relook at your brand. Basic housekeeping.


A rebranding project is an exciting time to take stock of your business, to use your success to relaunch the new face for your business and create new conversations with customers – until its next milestone.

These points don’t necessarily justify rebranding completely, but rather tweaking elements or adjusting your logo to reflect your current business. Brands communicate key information about your company. It makes sense for your brand to evolve as your company does.

If this sounds familiar or the points mentioned are appropriate for your business, please get in touch.

Our team would be happy to discuss your requirements!