Feeling Lonely in Lockdown?


Do you ever feel like you don’t matter or you don’t have anyone to speak to?

Everyone experiences loneliness in their lives and living through a global pandemic where it’s impossible to see friends; it’s completely normal to feel alone and disconnected from everyone else.

Almost 70% of young people said they have felt alone during the pandemic.

Check out these tried and tested ways to brighten your day:

1) Be kind to yourself – think of five reasons why you are proud of yourself.

2) Speak to a friend or a family member – you can open up or simply talk about your day.

3) Remember that you’re unique and special in your own way – there’s no one else like you.

4) Take a break from social media and do something crafty like drawing, origami or sewing.

5) Think about quality over quantity – it’s much better to have friends that you have taken the time to build friendships with rather than lots of followers you don’t speak to.

6) Treat yourself – this could be dancing around your room and singing to your favourite song or eating your favourite snack.

7) Do some star jumps [or insert your favourite exercise here] – get those endorphins pumping.

8) Try something new, like learning a new language or hobby.

9) Read a book, maybe try a different genre or reread your favourite. Maybe try a comic or anime book.

10) Write a letter to your younger or older self.

11) Eat your favourite fruit and vegetables. Healthy food can help you feel better.

12) Dress up for the day, even in lockdown, put on your best clothes and pretend you’re going out somewhere.

13) Get some fresh air, if you time it right, you could watch a sunrise or sunset.

14) Check-in with your friends, they need a dose of Vitamin-You.

15) Watch your favourite film and snuggle up under a blanket.

16) Bake a cake or some biscuits.

17) Set some goals for yourself that can achieve in small manageable steps.

18) Declutter your room and wardrobe. Having a tidy and clean space can make you feel better.

19) Give yourself credit. What have you accomplished today?

20) Set a sleep routine goal, try to get 8-10 hours of sleep a night – this will help you focus and concentrate more.

Remember, although you may feel lonely, you are never alone.

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