Energising Tomorrow with Environmental Energies: The HB Humphries Solar Story.

Energising Tomorrow with Environmental Energies: The HB Humphries Solar Story.

As the expiration date of HB Humphries’ electricity contract loomed, a new challenge was faced by the renowned sheet metal manufacturer. The client was expecting their energy bills to triple upon the initiation of a new contract. This marked the genesis of a crucial decision-making process. With an array of high-consumption laser sheet metal machines, HB Humphries faced a unique challenge. The 3-year payback offered by Environmental Energies Ltd emerged as an enticing solution. The prospect of financial prudence coupled with reduced environmental impact became pivotal in steering the company towards sustainable energy practices.

Emission Reduction

The installation of a 134kWp solar panel system proved to be a significant stride in environmental responsibility. Over 20 years, the solar panels are projected to save an impressive 498 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This not only aligns with global climate change mitigation goals but also positions HB Humphries as a proactive contributor to a greener future.

Financial Impact:

Embracing solar energy propels HB Humphries into a transformative 20-year journey, foreseeing an estimated profit of £1,059,851. This strategic shift ensures substantial savings, positioning the company for sustained financial success, showcasing the profound impact of renewable energy investments.

Harnessing Solar Power

The 134kWp solar panel system at HB Humphries is a testament to technical ingenuity. Generating circa 123,963kWhs per annum, the system not only powers the energy-intensive sheet metal machines but also contributes surplus energy back to the grid. This underlines the comprehensive nature of the installation, addressing both immediate energy needs and fostering grid sustainability.

Swift Implementation

In the realm of solar installations, time is of the essence. Environmental Energies Ltd successfully completed the installation, from project plan to completion, in a mere two weeks. This swift turnaround not only underscores the efficiency of the technology but also minimises disruption to HB Humphries’ operations, ensuring a seamless transition to sustainable energy practices.

In conclusion, HB Humphries’ journey from energy cost concerns to a solar-powered future is a testament to sustainable success. With a swift two-week installation by Environmental Energies Ltd, a 134kWp solar panel system not only promises substantial financial gains but positions the company as an environmental steward, projected to save 498 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This green triumph signals a harmonious blend of economic viability and ecological responsibility in the industrial landscape.

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