Empty office – An invisible Digital Workforce


Office work getting back to normal levels – But will the invisible digital workforce continue?

As activities increase will staff be back in the office?

For organisations continuing with WFH, the management of people working remotely is similar to using software robots.

Software robots or RPA, Robotic Process Automation, delivers change to “Digital Tasks” and frees people from performing the “Routine, Repetitive” computer based tasks.

The change RPA can bring by “Taking the robotic repetitive tasks away from the workload of people” will have an impact. The work gets done but the activity is not seen. A bit like staff WFH.

Use of software robots creates an opportunity for smart employers to get better value from staff, as productivity rises, morale is improved and staff effort can focus on customers as they can take business admin tasks for granted.

How would management know if an employee’s activity while WFH had been replaced by a software robot?

Would it actually matter?

There have long been stories circulating about remote employees outsourcing their work to an offshore resource, so they were free to do other things.

A mixture of office staff and staff WFH may highlight where employers could use of software robots to enable smarter use of valuable staff.

Whatever your plans for “Working” in the new normal, staff will need to be treated well and be able to undertake interesting work. Software robots are a great solution to handle the “Boring” tasks.

Ether Solutions are specialists at using software robots to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which helps businesses with Productivity and Quality. By combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the solutions Intelligent Automation is achieved.

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