Creating High-Quality Content


This might seem like stating the obvious but I’m going to say it anyway… It doesn’t matter what your website looks like if your content flops! Your website could have a big flashing sign saying ‘Search Engine Stop Here’, but without the right content it simply won’t happen – nope, not even if you leave out milk and cookies. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to ensure you are consistently producing and publishing the highest quality content and advertising your brand to achieve the best results

When creating content, you have to assume that there are millions of others advertising exactly the same service and content. What can you do to set your site and brand above the rest? How can you ensure every aspect of your site is being utilised for maximum results?

Ask yourself all the right questions… and answer them before they’re asked by others.
During every step of the creative process, you must ask yourself: ‘Does this decision perfectly define and sell my brand?’ ‘What are my target audience asking search engines to subsequently find my site?’ Simple but effective!

Be true to yourself and your brand-produce original content.
Realistically, we are all constantly reusing and recycling online content but you can make yours stand out by adding your own perspective, making it unique to you; think personal stories, niche examples and humour. Injecting personality into your site will encourage people to come back again (and again and again!) Include original images, graphics, data in the form of graphs and charts, the more content you create, the more content there is for others to share, creating backlinks to your site, improving your credibility.

Find your groove and give it your all.
No one is saying you can’t have many areas of interest or different ventures BUT remain specific when advertising your brand. If you’re offering dog yoga classes, really give potential customers all the need to know on the benefits of Sun Salutation with St Bernard puppies. Plus, the more niche your subject is, the less competition you will have!

Back all your information up with facts and credible sources.
In the beginning, before search engines have established how trustworthy you are, it pays to include facts from and links back to credible and trustworthy websites. You should elaborate on these facts and points by all means; this is how you will establish yourselves as credible sources and how you can ensure that others will backlink to your website. In the meantime, we all have to start somewhere.